Department History

The Department of Curriculum and Teaching came into being in 1981 when the then Faculty of Education was split into two departments of Curriculum and Teaching and Educational Foundation & Administration. The Department took off with three programmes – Education Arts, Education Science and Education Social Sciences. Other programmes were later introduced. These included Elementary Education, Business Education, Special Education, Agricultural Education, Physical and Health Education.

In 1997 a new department, the Department of Vocational and Special Education was carved out of the Department of Curriculum and Teaching. The split left the Department of Curriculum and Teaching with four programme which are Education Arts, Education Social Sciences, Education Science and elementary Education.

In response to the demands of stakeholders, a new programme, B.Ed. Social Studies was developed and approved by Senate with effect from 2000/2001 session. In 2014, the Department of Curriculum and Teaching was further split into five departments, namely, Department of Curriculum & Teaching, Department of Social Science Education and Department of Education Art, Department of Education Science and Department of Environmental Education. The Department currently has two units – Elementary Education and Educational Technology at undergraduate level and masters and Ph.D programmes in Elementary Education, Curriculum and Instruction and Teacher Education.

In addition to these programmes, the Department is also running a consultancy B.Ed. programme Educational Technology.

From its inception to date, the department has been positioned to train and retrain highly qualified professional teachers, both at undergraduate and graduate levels.