Department History

The University of Calabar grows out of the Calabar campus of the University of Nigeria, which began functioning during the 1973/74 academic session with 154 students and a small cadre of academics, transformed into a full fledge university - the University of Calabar.

The University of Calabar started academic work with the Faculty of Arts. At the beginning of the 1977/78 academic year, the Department of Education was upgraded to the Faculty of Education. Since then the Faculty of Education has been experiencing impressive growth. At a point, the Faculty had five Departments, namely: Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Department of Adult and Continuing Education, Department of Educational Administration and Planning, the Department of Educational Foundations, Guidance and Counselling and the Department of Vocational and Special Education. But today there are thirteen Departments altogether. Our Department as currently constituted, emerged from the splitting of former Department of Educational Foundations, Guidance and Counselling. The other Department that emerged following this split is the Educational Foundations.

The Department is administered by the Head of Department in cooperation with the Departmental Board. Membership of the Departmental Board is open to all lecturers in the Department. The Departmental Board is the general policymaking body subject to the authority of the Faculty Board and the Senate. It deals with all matters of general interest to staff and students. There are also the academic staff who have graduate teaching responsibilities.

There are Academic Advisers who handle students’ academic and even personal problems, for both the undergraduate and graduate programmes. Besides, there is a staff Adviser for undergraduate Departmental Students’ Association. Every stakeholder has an unrestricted access to the Head of Department where matters are discussed, resolved or escalated of the case not resolved. All matters for the consideration of the Graduate school, University, Senate or the Vice-Chancellor are routed through the Head of Department and Dean of Education.