Department History

The programme, Social Science Education started in 1976 under the Department of Education in the then Faculty of Art. From 1981, it was placed under the Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Faculty of Education. Social Science Education programme consist of Economics, Political science, Geography and Social Studies. Education Social Studies was developed and approved by senate with effect from 2000/2001 session. Students from these units take teaching subjects from the Faculty of Social Sciences. Department of Social Science Education came into limelight on 13th of November, 2014 when the then department of curriculum and teaching was split into five different departments. The five departments are: Curriculum and Teaching, Science Education, Social Science Education, Arts Education and Environmental Education. The department took off with four programmes: - Education Economics, Education Political Science, Education Geography and Education Social Studies with effect from 1st February, 2015.

Social Science Education department is a competitive teacher preparation programme designed to prepare candidates to teach Economics, Geography, Government and Social Studies. The programme is focused on the specific needs for education in the 21st century, which include the skills and knowledge needed to be critical thinkers and globally competent citizens. The curriculum emphasizes the development of expertise in research-based teaching methods and strong content knowledge in the social sciences and humanities.

The department has staff strength of seventeen (17) academic staff and ten (10) non academic staff. The department is positioned to train and retrain highly qualified and competent professional teachers both at undergraduate and graduate levels.